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I’m SO happy for you.

Even in overREACHer, there is a question of whether the monsters exist— whether they can be summoned, in the case of demons, or of whether they can be created by mad scientists and necromancers. Advertisements

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get him OUT of here

where’s your calendar? do yoTEMPO, TEMPO, TEMPO!u even have one? where is it? you don’t have any entries for today? do you have entries for a appointments? ny day? what do you mean you don’t? how do you keeMARSEILLEp track of … Continue reading

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Boneless pastries

Low carbohydrate. High fat. Soluble. Wa-aaa-a-ater. Soluble. Fat. Proprot.Ien. PROTien.Protein.s. A growing need for fiber. Vegetable starch. Gray. Tran sfat. Graaa=-ay. Low carbohydrate. Calcium. Calciiiium. Marrow. Starch, vegeegevegetable. VEGEetable. Starch. Marrow. WaAater. Protein. Fat.

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C6 H12 O6

oh, where’s that kid running to where’s that kid running at don’t wanna get caught by you you know he’s gonna rat

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you gotta be ready to play.

Shavings. Bone shavings. Delicious. Simply delectable. Blood and ketchup. Lovely. Just pleasant. Somehow I’m a loser? It’s another grey day, a fine holiday. Bubbly. So slowly. Simply now. Another fine day. We’re not vegan-friendly.

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