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i am frightened

what is happening? please help friends

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it’s two for one, dude! TWO for ONE!

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Haaaven’t you done enouuugh with me alreadyyy? Mmake it stop, pleaaaase, make it sssstop.  I caan’t take the mmusic any longerrr. Pleasse, I know I’ve fffailed. Whyyy won’t you stoppp?

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minty fresh

The concluding arrangement for the remains of the decedent, a decision of the next of kin. Options include burial, entombment or cremation. There isn’t always an easy answer for which audience to choose. At some point, you may need to pick a … Continue reading

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yeah, yeah, you like that?

The beauty and biodiversity of the region are striking. Abundant grasses, wildflowers, mosses, trees, and other plants thrive at the site, and all of the native mammals from the area occur, even in the most contaminated regions. Only the persistent clicking of … Continue reading

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All sequencing reactions were performed using oligonucleotides synthesized on a Model 391 PCR-MATE synthesizer. If such a fort was vital for control of the city then we need look no further than the huge triangular hill-fort on Little Solsbury Hill, … Continue reading

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sweetest little thing in the world

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chilly evening solitude expo

By setting the source, you may wish to have the master and slave butterfly valve commands allocated to one relay block. This could be useful if the distance between the upstream and downstream flowmeters is long. The Preset Multiple Registers … Continue reading

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two and two

The internal reproductive tracts generally agree with the non-ditrysian plan, particularly with the absence of the ductus seminalis and ventral junction of the common oviduct. The uniformly slender, efferent canal of this species arises from a distinct papilla immediately caudad to the vestibulum.

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momentarily insipid

The emergency medicine concept of the ‘golden hour’ can be applied to at-risk newborns. This term refers to the principle of rapid intervention to prevent subsequent sequelae. High risk newborns can be identified before birth by the predicted likelihood of … Continue reading

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