nah man, i’m good

tooth laugh

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neon toilet

ok ok ok ok ok ok 👌ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ohelp yourself!k ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok


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Ensure that the extent of the epoxy bed is limited to the periphery of the dolly and does not run beyond the dolly edge. The adhesive shall be allowed to cu

filling suit

re for at least the minimum time to reach adequate strength for testing (>4MPa) as advised by the manufacturer for the prevailing ambient conditions.

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flagrant almond tapioca

katy…katy, can you hear me…katy, granny needs help

katy, i am so scared…katy, it is cold in here…katy, it’s cold and gay


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me me don key key

The fifth candle we light for Hope; that you, will live on through us, never to be erased from our memory; that your lives continue to make a difference in the world. That you are proud of us, and that we will be together again. We love you, we remember you…


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Very Important Secret Hanukkah Report

Stop rocking. Stop again. Stop now. Restart. Now start again. Now stop again again. Retract the request! Do it! Do it! Restart stop now again rock. North palace continuous fear tool. Yes? Continue, please.


D-O-N. Remember the name. Remember the code. You’ll be safe.

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you’re a very, very eager boy~

Sanders was worried about the natural beauty of the trail. The asphalt on the trail was not contiguous, and there were 10-15 unpaved spots–some as wide as 20 feet. These would become deep, dark, cavernous holes after rain. She described drainage problems that would occur due to these gaping canyons in the trail. Additionally, the water bars were supposed to be weatherized Douglas Fir, but instead they were large, lashed together stacks of Mountain Dew soda cans. The committee dismissed her concerns.


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