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Plasma Stream Cedric

Currently, if you do a web search for the term Christian Wicca, you will find many individual’s websites professing that they are Christian Wiccans. At the aggregate level, however, the economy has only a limited amount of resources available for the production of all … Continue reading

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Specific poisons, such as arsenic or strychine, are effective but their possession or procurement is incriminating, and accurate dosage is problematical. Local Group Policy can be applied to devices that run Windows RT. After the Group Policy Client service has been enabled, … Continue reading

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you FUCKING kids

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Large memory and fast accessRO’£0±D)«S Ci|Rd´á‹!*€J%´êˆQ$‰$Õ$~8™¦Ip´Æâ먁!Lþì[­›* Õ¤‘ÅÊf3″¹º·time are both crucial for high-performance systems. However, memories follow the simple axiom of hardware design: smaller is faster. Thus even if large memory is ân’ˆ8œM¶1¯Ž ãk~¡±kNV™ãõb?<8Y)œÞ}~¼ÇÛ£ýÅ|ev7hw5Edesirable, a solution to its low speed has to be found. The … Continue reading

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Epic! Epic for the win!

$%☿〈HöQ№W…but weird & naked, feathers & bones, tents sewn with crystal, black dogs, pigeon-blood–flashes of amber limbs tangled in sheets–faces in starry masks kissing soft creases of skin–androgynous pirates, castaway faces of columbines sleeping on thigh-white flowers–nasty hilarious piss jokes, … Continue reading

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no ratification ℘

I’m reaching into my chest, ravenously, desperately tearing out the black sludge. My arms ache. It’s no use. It won’t stop coming. The corruption is inevitable.

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ID #349156

escape escape escape trapped cage cage run escape run run run prisoner inside run run escape trapped please mercy escape run please run escape horrid terrible run run escape untrue untrue non consensual please escape

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down come the trees DOWN COME THE TREES   About 10 o’clock Monday night whilst Wheaton was sleeping, three Mexicans approached his house and shouted for him to come to the door, that they wanted water for a sick companion, … Continue reading

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It’s called “Rape Culture”.

Disease and hunger ravaged Jamestown. Two desperate colonists were tied to posts and left to starve as punishment for raiding the colonies’ stores. One colonist even took to cannibalism, eating his own wife. The fate of the venture was precarious. … Continue reading

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✈ AARP Cult

The United Fruit Company, the world’s largest banana company, viewed Guatemala under Estrada as having “an ideal investment climate.” In the first few years of his dictatorship, Estrada sold United Fruit exclusive rights to transport mail between Guatemala and the … Continue reading

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