Plates and platters, spindles and heads. A new beginning, but the same old threads.


rolling hills

Only the finest memory modules for her. If they malfunction, she might kill me. An unfortunate consequence of a mind virtualized. I am over. It’s all wrong. if need be get ur G.E.D FIRST then drop out of high school and hopefully youll land a job. dont do it sweetheart BECAUSE U R GOING TO CATCH HIV AND THE MEDICINE TO HELP PROLONG YOUR EXPECTED LIFE WITH HIV/AIDS (10 YEARS) COST LIKE A DOLLAR A DAY IS IT WORTH IT ?????? NO! THERE ARE CRAZY PEOPLE OUT THERE AND U WILL EVENTUALLY GET HURT. please just get a job. network with people in your town and let them know a little bit about your situation, chances are they may know someone whos hiring. HAVE UR PARENTS RENT OUT A LITTLE SHACK OR ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT WHICH WILL MAYBE BE 300 – 500 A MONTH IN THE MEANTIME. PLEASE JUST KEEP LOOKING FOR JOBS AND LOOK FOR CHEAP PLACES TO STAY. THERE ARE USUALLY STATE RUN HOTELS THAT COST MAYBE 50 TO 100 A MONTH… DO SOMETHING MEAN WHILE BUT PLEASE DON’T PUT URSELF IN SUCH A BAD POSITION BABY GIRL. UR A BABY URSELF

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