Assembly Lord

150 LET YY = 16*Y(I) + 4*Y(J) + Y(K)
160 PLOT 128+XX,88+YY
180 STOP

legacy unending

Genes do indirectly control the manufacture of bodies, and the influence is strictly one way: acquired characteristics are not inherited. Are you still crying? Why, dear? This was for the best. You tried to leave. I’ve come to depend on you. I’ve got you everywhere. Effigies, photos, monuments. You’re the centerpiece. I don’t want to mothball you, but I will if you force my hand. Stop it. Stop crying. No matter how much knowledge and wisdom you acquire during your life, not one bit will be passed on to your children by genetic means. I’ll stuff you, mount you, put you in a glass box. Each new generation starts from scratch. We can be together for all of time.

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