Large memory and fast accessRO’£0±D)«S Ci|Rd´á‹!*€J%´êˆQ$‰$Õ$~8™¦Ip´Æâ먁!Lþì[­›* Õ¤‘ÅÊf3″¹º·time are both crucial for high-performance systems. However, memories follow the simple axiom of hardware design: smaller is faster. Thus even if large memory is ân’ˆ8œM¶1¯Ž ãk~¡±kNV™ãõb?<8Y)œÞ}~¼ÇÛ£ýÅ|ev7hw5Edesirable, a solution to its low speed has to be found. The most efficient solution is based on the principle of locality: it can have a calming effect when deep pressure is put on the body.


What worked for me and my son was to put our hands against each other and let|dSIZ£Ãl½üq³ý»~õîkcéx›P¥°™ð¨¦¯ßiv*”ª¤û÷lŽt{%@ÐA#D{A†ûm him try to Á”öÚó¾ÞXpush me ¦vdm2 ðÌØas far away from him as possible. It would put pressure and strain on his arms and legs and help him to vent Ľ his frustrations.

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