Epic! Epic for the win!

$%☿〈HöQ№W…but weird & naked, feathers & bones, tents sewn with crystal, black dogs, pigeon-blood–flashes of amber limbs tangled in sheets–faces in starry masks kissing soft creases of skin–androgynous pirates, castaway faces of columbines sleeping on thigh-white flowers–nasty hilarious piss jokes, pet lizards lapping spilt milk–nude break- dancing–victorian bathtub with rubber ducks & pink boners– Alice on ganja…♕


The door was ajar, and I let myself in to find a woman in her mid-forties sprawled across her bed in a dimly lit room. Though previously well, tonight she had experienced the sudden onset of severe chest pain which radiated into her left arm. She was nauseated and began to vomit. I examined her as best I could in the dim light.


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