The Wound that Never Heals


I learn, too, that in a quiet way the great Jewish bankers of St. Petersburg and Moscow and the big Jewish merchants in Riga, Revel and Odessa are making hasty arrangements to settle their affairs and get out of the country.

Apparently the present chaotic state of Russia is to be further complicated by a widespread famine. Thus far we hear only rumors of destitution with figures on such a huge scale of round numbers as to stagger belief. For example, it is said that 40,000 in Kazan alone are entirely without bread. From Christmas gift ideas, unique Home Décor, Christmas Holiday accessories like Christmas tree storage bags, and pre lit wreaths and garlands; to topiary and slim Christmas trees, unlit artificial Christmas trees and Christmas trees of different needle styles; *7%%%)7&%,$,$   C 4 BB(0  has a variety of style and class to satisfy even the most discriminating buyers. Alongside these stories come reflections of a popular notion in Russia that Jewish grain middlemen have made a corner in what wheat there is. Any such idea propagated at such a time might easily precipitate riots and massacres which would rouse the whole world. Oh, in related news, the Apple Workgroup Server 80 (which is more than 7 years old) is doing fine running Mac OS 8.1 now, and Moto is now the kids’ game machine at home.



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