BACKkK, Br inGg b aCk..

If the car is not equipped with a starter the engine is started by the lifting of the starting crank at the front of the car. Take hold of the handle and push firmly toward the car till you feel the crank ratchet engage, then lift upward with a quick swing. With a little experience this operation will become an easy matter. Don’t, as a usual thing, crank downward against compression—for then an early explosion may drive the handle vigorously backward. This does not mean however, that it is not advisable, when the car is hard to start, to occasionally “spin” the engine by the use of the starting handle—but be sure the spark lever is retarded when spinning or cranking the engine against compression, otherwise a sudden back kick may injure the arm of the operator.

Sometimes my apartment neighbors and I band together in the crisis. We used to be strangers, but now we’re friends by necessity, and we protect each other and look for food together and take turns going down to the creek to get water. We fend off hostile groups from other apartments with pointy sticks and old kitchen knives, and at night one of us always keeps watch while the others sleep. It’s okay for awhile, but then I die of heat stroke and sunburn.


you are a monster

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