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nobody told me it would be like this

On the 9th of November, there was beer. It was a sacred ritual. It began in 1956. There’s an old day ahead. I have not seen her in years. Have a merry Christmas, dickhead.

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…and you’re losing your life?

Disgusting arrogance of the ape. Worth it, human? All gone, now. Botched the job at every chance and opportunity given, once and twice and on. The bridges, burnt at every corner. Favors of all friends have been summoned, reused, abused, … Continue reading

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Bearings that are least partially submerged in oil or oiled by internal oil scoops do not require special maintenance. However, bearings that are not lubricated as above require grease lubrication. Grease fittings and internal retainers are furnished when required.

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