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Separate networks of fungus mycelia tested and determined to be genetically homogeneous, with each different individual occupying the soil and tree roots over areas largest (by biomass). Armillaria may have effectively spread in historic forests of large trees that were … Continue reading

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yet another fucking performance review

you need to reevaÎ5Mãœate  eevaluate  reevalure.//}߯×ëI’pø rate  rate  reevaluate  reeevaluate  reeve  reevaluate reevaluaeeevaluate  reevalluate  reevaluatevaluate  reevaluateøîÝ»ÅbQte  reevaluate  revva valuate  reevaluatÆû¾¿Ùl’e  reevaluate  reevaluate  rÓ4$”›‡ˆ–¾fŒU*•§§ute  reeveevaluate  rluatee  reevaluate  re  reete  reealuaatte eevaluate  reevalvaluaQJ€RJJ™¦éz½Ö4íøluaa rualuate  reevaluate  re eevvaluauate  reevaluate  reluate

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