can you just put her back in the freezer, please

Dear Lawyers areMAKE THEM STOPM MAKE IT GO AWAYM MAKE IT LEAVEM I DONT WANT THEM HERE ANYMOREM I AM SCAREDM PLEASEM MAKE IT GO AWAYM MAKE IT GO AWAYM your activity that it’s a career issue. I was doing well on my Mexican profession, but I got a legal moved to TX. My love dream this year is facing a job in my field because the border is 30 mins away from here.


But I thought bad, I am a very proactive woman, trainable and nice, speaking English and Spanish fluently. I am looking in Law offices but I don’t want to pretend, I could firm my resumé, guess something WRONGM MAKE IT STOPM I DONT LIKE THEMM WHY ARE YOU DOING THISM MAKE THEM GO AWAYMMen I am applying for Assistant, they suppose that you mention. Or should I?

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