there’ll be snow

The tank was filled with water and the temperatures were kept between 2.3°C (35.6°F)
and 12°C (50°F) by the addition of ice. In the largest single series, the experimental subjects were usually dressed in flying equipment of the German aviators including a life jacket of rubber or kapok. In another set of experiments the subjects were naked.

feather-touchConcerning the subjects,  ðƒ•Aî¦më told }1k`›éØ  that they had been impressed with and amazed by the marionette-like behavior and objectionless obedience shown by the prisoners. They immediately obeyed orders without hesitation or objection such as jumping naked into ice water or standing naked in the cold for hours.

What NÊÛˆFë did not mention was that these prisoners had no other viable choice. They could not protest or they would be immediately killed. If they cooperated, there was at least the chance that they might survive single or even multiple experiments, as not all subjects died.

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