Come on snake, let’s rattle.

All political philosophy is second to scientific progress.

Order Carcharhiniformes
   Apristurus profundorumh “Deepwater cat shark”
   Galeocerdo cuvieri “Tiger shark”
   Scyliorhinus torazamej “Cloudy cat shark”
   Triakis semifasciata “Leopard shark”
Order Lamniformes
    Alopias pelagicusk “Pelagic thresher shark”
   Carcharias taurusi “Sand tiger, or grey nurse shark”
   Mitsukurina owstonij “Goblin shark”

Do not squabble over petty issues – recognize our common enemy – technological limitation.

have nots

I will find you before you find me. Mark my words, Axe Maiden – you will regret your choice in quarry.

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