wait, wait. don’t tell me.

As shown in the drawings, a device useful for discreet and camouflaged collection of sperm from human males is shown generally at 10, and having an outer shell, in this case as a flashlight 11, having a generally tubular inside chamber and an exterior with the appearance of an ordinary device normally found in a public environment. 

savage kolache

The insert 25 is of sufficient size to accommodate penetration by a human male sex organ when aroused. In fact, several sizes can be designed to accommodate a human male sex organ. Size may be varied by having larger or smaller central passages 28. Alternatively, the degree of firmness or compression of the elastomeric gel itself may be altered, perhaps by adjusting the ratio of oil to block copolymer or by selection of different oils or copolymers. Obviously a softer, more compressible material will accommodate a larger object being inserted.

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