Just give me a moment, I’ll show you how.

High officials of The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times and of all three major networks have attended Bilderberg many times, on the promise of secrecy, to report nothing and to not use the word “Bilderberg.” Except for some minor, inconsequential accidents in which the word “Bilderberg” has suddenly appeared in print – after all, you can’t call a staff meeting and tell all 900 New York Times news staffers about the blackout – the promise has been kept.

from below

The only time “Bilderberg” ever appeared in The New York Times came when one of the luminaries died at a meeting and the obituary writer, and his editors, innocently let the word slip through. And, as mentioned earlier, The New York Times responded to a blizzard of publicity and critisicm in Europe with a “humor” story in 2004 reassuring the world there is no “conspiracy.”

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