yes captain


You need to first imprison the human mind with a rigid belief and a fundamentally limited sense of reality – the sheep pen. It doesn’t much matter what these beliefs may be, so long as they are rigid and discourage free thought and open-minded questions. THe mAjor equipment instaLLed includes 5 gas-driven recip-rocating compresSsors,,, compressor b-uuuuilding, 2 glycol deHYdration units, 900 bbl. taNk battery, discharge_measurement and floWWw control syssystems, PLC coNtrols and control RRRroom emergency generat0r, launcher / reciieeeiever skIds, and measurement skids. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and all the rest, each make their contribution to human servitude while apparently claiming different “truths”.

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