change the coffee filter please

I had just enough time to get to the side of the road and out of my truck to find him heading for the tree line. I put the scope on him and rolled him at about 175 yards on the move. Once approaching the mutt I was disgusted to find that this relentless fawn killer was also covered in mange from head to toe. This made the kill that much more satisfying. Man am I glad I was in the right place at the right time!

new chrome horn

UUuUu¼UuUUUŒuUUuuuæU@IÛ§‡òÖ›r¥røfÞš\èUðô_Œö¢püÌuu] ]]] ]] Ó,žl~§Ïq9′:one in the hand is worth two in the bushAǘƒ,õ*¡d>Žõu†vQüÏq­5l}&‹‡šÕ]–€Då#ôã?Ò‚¶Åo»¹/øü5!F*K´§ŽäóqõhÛHâ·zEá‹,IôÁèÊÞ~Zp£¼®ššjµ^g‰§E$Š{ÖöcR

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