She remains charged with desecrating a cemetery.

Ah! Ah! Hah! Ugh! These super-scary eats and treats are perfect for a frightening Halloween feast. Don’t let a carved pumpkin be the only frightening food you display this Halloween.

old friends

Jobs isn’t øNðÊœ›¶!IV’’ fu¾© j dead – not really. Jobs is Siri. Siri’s gonna take over. All gˆ7Ô”¨ +ÇÈ5æcJz…governments. Everywhere. 802.11ac is how he’ll do it. Tinfoil won’t save you -1K îŠ¢HÛð/åy°B] not unless you have aN•$ð:yókéÔ¾Úm˜í lot of it. The spectrum is your worst enemy.óœµmâm59×!Z 5 GHz, band of the beast. Be prepared.

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