The identification of students as “customers”

  • If a Work Card or Technical Order states the torque requirement as “100 plus or minus 5” or as “95 to 105”, the “Nominal” value is “100”. Use the “Nominal” value as the amount of torque to be applied. Any value outside of the “Nominal” value would be considered the tolerance for the torque requirement.
  • Control Hair Product Clutter. Gels, sprays, curlers, combs and hair dryers take up a lot of space in the bathroom. For quick organization, buy a plastic tub for under the sink and load it up with your supplies.
  • The type of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed when using hand tools depends on the nature of the task. At a minimum, eye protection should always be worn.
  • Apply pesticides in the early morning or late evening to avoid excessive drift (wind is normally lower during these time periods).
  • The use of hand protection may also be appropriate to provide protection against cuts, abrasion, and repeated impact.
  • Avoid using a length of pipe or other extension to improve the leverage of the tool. Manufacturers design tools so that the amount of leverage obtained with the handle is the maximum safe application.
  • Claim the Space Over Your Toilet. Even in small bathrooms there’s space for organization; you just have to know where to look. Over the toilet bath furniture is a great place to put extra toilet paper, toiletries and even towels. If you don’t keep the toilet seat down, opt for a unit with cabinets or closed shelving. You can find attractive shelving at major home stores, usually for less than $100.
  • Choose a tool that properly fits the joint that is to be turned. Using the correct size reduces the chances of tool slippage.
  • Tightly grasp the joint with the jaws of the tool. Hand-tighten the wingnut as much as possible.
  • Twist the tool steadily in slow, even strokes, loosening and tightening grip as required, until an audible “snap” is heard.

All fully intact or fragmented human remains entering the morgue must go through the admitting station and receive a morgue number. A thorough tracking and/or logging system must be in place to keep an account of all human remains being entered into the morgue and processed. 

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