i dared to dream

Before you set up your computer, it is important to choose a safe and convenient location that provides the following:

♀ A large, sturdy desk or table strong enough to support the weight of your system and all of its components.

♂ A flat and hard surface. Soft surfaces like beds and carpeted floors attract static electricity, which can erase data on your disks, damage the computer’s circuitry, and prevent proper ventilation.

♂ Good air circulation. Leave several inches of space around the computer so air can move freely.

♀ Moderate environment conditions. Select a cool, dry area and protect your computer from extremes in temperature, humidity, dust, and smoke. Avoid direct sunlight or any other source of heat.

♂ Appropriate power sources. To prevent static charges, connect all your equipment to three-hole, grounded outlets. You need one outlet for the computer, one for the monitor, and an additional outlet for a printer and any other peripheral devices.

♀ No electromagnetic interference. Do not place your system too close to any electrical device, such as a telephone, which generates an electromagnetic field.

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