nope, that all ends here

The young man took a deep breath and braced himself before folding his arms behind his back and cheerfully floating into the back office with a toothy smile. A large, ruffled-looking man with short, graying hair sitting behind a metal desk took note of his visitor and shifted in his seat.

“How are you this morning, sir?”

The older man theatrically raised his eyebrows and smiled, matching the younger man’s expression while meeting his gaze. “How do I look, Doug?”

The stare was piercing. The young man hesitated. He couldn’t have possibly prepared himself for this. “Er… tired, sir.”

divine corpulence

The older man’s smile dropped, his face defaulting to a worn-in, angry frown that has likely been his norm for decades. “That’s right. I’m fucking tired. And cranky. Get me my write-ups.”

The young man looked down at his shoes, and his smile faded. “Yes, sir. Would you like some, uh… some coffee as well?”

The older man leaned back and clasped his hands. “Hell no. It doesn’t matter if I’m the goddamn president of the United States, I will never order someone else to fetch my coffee.”

The young man cocked his head, mocking interest. “Is that right?”

The older man nodded, his tone becoming lighter. “It is. But not because I’ve got some kind of ‘working man’s pride’ bullshit going on, I just don’t trust people.”

The young man looked confused. “Sir?”

“People are shit, Doug.”

The young man nodded. “Of course, sir.”

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