down come the trees



About 10 o’clock Monday night whilst Wheaton was sleeping, three Mexicans approached his house and shouted for him to come to the door, that they wanted water for a sick companion, whereupon the rancher opened the door to take the water. No sooner had he passed through the door to the outside, than he was grabbed by three stalwart Mexicans, and his eyes blindfolded and at once returned to the house; at this juncture another Mexican appeared from the scene.


The four men took from his pockets what money he had on his person, and demanded, at the point of a pistol, that he produce more, to which Mr. Wheaton replied that was all he had in the world; the Mexicans became enraged at his answer, and at once took from their saddle a long hair rope and placed it around the neck of the stalwart rancher, dragged him to a cottonwood tree near by, and began to hoist him from the earth, evidently Mr. Wheaton became unconscious at once, and after a short period he was let down.


down come the trees


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