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ÞÞÞÞHey, kids! Did you know that wild animals won’t eat your food while you’re out camping if you mark your pack with an inverted cross?



Democracy is here. The sounds and signs of its coming that have filled the air for the last month were but the premonitory pains preliminary to the great delivery. The birth itself occurred at the Salt Lake theater last evening in the presence of as great an assemblage of notable men in waiting, and loyal adherents of the cause, as ever yet graced a similar occasion.

The house was packed down stairs and in the first circle by 8:15; the space back of the seats was a compact mass of eager listeners; a few ladies occupied the boxes and were scattered through the auditorium, but their number in all probability did not amount to more than twenty-five. Many notable citizens were scattered through the gathering. The white beard of that staunch old war horse of Democracy, General McClernand, glistened like snow from a parquette seat.


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