Who is my advocate? Where is my advocate? I need an advocate. I’m all hopped up on archetypes, and I’m feeling mighty antagonistic. Antagonistic enough to give a few people cancer. We will all benefit from the sickness. Be quiet. All is silence. 

The glare in their eyes was satanic.

The forces through which these women had gained control of the minds of these men is the “Beelzebub” of the Bible. It is the devil. It is sex. It is the sex mind. The woman can always hypnotize the man better than she can a woman. The man can always hypnotize a woman better than he can a man. The law of hypnotism is the law of opposite sex. The woman can use this satanic power better than the man because the female is the negative and the drawing force of the sex law, and of nature; hence Moses was told “not to let a witch live.”

This satanic power of the sex is the demon with which the woman fights her battles. 

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